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Free storage - Free memory

You thought downloading RAM was a joke? Well now it's real, you can have over 100 gigas of memory, and it's for free!

Of course it's not free, everything has a price. You'll lose precious disk space and it's very crappy memory, but tell me what are you gonna do with all that free space?

I'm talking about Swap, the best thing to ever exist. That is unless you throw your money into a new computer with 64 GB of RAM, then it's useless.

Do you have a computer suffering with 2 GB of RAM in Binbows 10? Throw 8 GB of swap in it and now you have 10 GB RAM!Tho i dunno if binbows doesnt do this automagically Computer frozen after some program tries to open every file on your computer? There's no need to pull the plug, just put more swap than the amount of files in your computer !!!

Swap can also be used to free RAM for more important things, by swapping stuff that's not being used, like running a heavy program with 100 Firefox tabs open.

Don't let them fool you. Swap is revolutionary.

Hollow Knight Mods

Computer ignorance

Weird/Spooky results on DuckDuckGo

Hollow Knight is an allegory to fish

Thoughts on the DuckDuckGo censorship chaos


At first sight I was dazed, it never passed to my head that such thing would ever happen. And I'm a fool for thinking it had been sitting there for years, not checking the archives to find that it's been a mere 2 years, for some reason... (In my defense the site looked pretty oldish)

The most expensive Internet real estate in the world got bought by an e-mail something. That's laaame! Not to mention they're probably using the word 'PRIVACY' as a marketing strategy, no one in their sane mind would get a $35 million domain in exchange for minimum income. heh

It was fun times but everything comes to an end. Goodbye - the most expensive Internet real estate in the world, thanks for the laughs.

It just got worse now supports Web 3.0: Tommorrow's Home of The INTERNET 3.0

Yeah. RIP, domain went to waste.

1 year

According to neocities this website was created feburary 7 of 2021. I was gonna say time flies but during this time time didn't fly for me, idk lol, i just find funny that i came back at exactly its anniversary.

The youtube algorithm isn't broken, it's doing better than you think

Website updates

Yeah, I updated the looks of the site... finally, now it's less hideous. If you have any ideas I'm open for criticism1 on my neocities page, still have to setup my email.

Still adding links, but soon I'll run out of stock and this site is going to die. What am I going to do after this happens? God knows.

By the way, I just got a second computer screen and it's the best thing ever. No more stress having to keep switching workspaces/tabs, along with other nice things you can do with 2 screens like flex that you have 2 fuckin screens omfgggg. Seriously, it's definitely a life improvement, there are tons of small old screens out there at super cheap prices, you can get one too, so get one, especially if you're suffering just like I was. I didn't test any games performance though, but it doesn't seem to hurt the GPU too much.

1. Except for making a dark mode


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Old stuff from the main page

So during my hibernation i've been finding lots of websites cool websites and also not so cool websites not many but it's still something. I've been getting the energy to come back and write everything i have here and fix things.

It also got me thinking having my bookmarks here would be pretty dope, after i switched to ungoogled firefox it has not been my thing to bookmark websites. In fact the only ones in there are the default ones because i'm using browsers like it's the 90s or something now, idk. Probably making a proper blog later cuz it's bloating this main page. - 2021-07-09

I made this card/logo you're seeing on top of the page. I think it looked kinda cool, but could benefit from improvements (i'm not too good at doing this).

I honestly have no idea what to do here besides the link page

Although I only have vague childhood memories of me tasting one of these, I remember it was very good but have forgotten the taste :(

When looking for grapefruit images I found this site from 2010, and a review about grapefruit:

One does not simply -like- grapefruit. Like? Just like?! You don’t just ‘like’ grapefruit. Grapefruit isn’t ‘just okay’—it’s a really special fruit, alright? Don’t talk about it like that. It’s got this super-fresh, sensual aroma, those colors… and then the tart, yet sweet tangy taste… amazing. Feel it over your skin as a lotion. Labor for hours, scraping the rind and boiling it down, dipping it in warm melted chocolate for home-made candy everyone loves. Take a shower in it, ho my God… Grapefruit! Nobody loves grapefruit like me! Whenever someone doesn’t express an equal, well, reverence for grapefruit, I hear that obsessive Genghis Kahn-like voice in my head as I recall all my most fun experiences with some of the most tantalizing grapefruit products I’ve discovered and secretly luxuriated in over the years, and I just feel, well, jealous. Out of sight, out mind sometimes, maybe, but, still… Nobody loves grapefruit the way I do. We have a kind of hot and cold, passionate affair that only Miike Snow would understand… Source


This is an abbr, and that is a blockquote which i got from somewhere in Wikipedia:

The Trunk, Leaves, and Flowers of this Tree, very much resemble
those of the Orange-tree.
The Fruit, when ripe, is something longer and larger than the largest
Orange; and exceeds, in the Delicacy of its Taste, the Fruit of every
Tree in this or any of our neighbouring Islands.
It hath somewhat of the Taste of a Shaddock; but far exceeds that, as
well as the best Orange, in its delicious Taste and Flavour.

—Description from Hughes' 1750 Natural History of Barbados