Cool links of varying popularity that I have found


1Hack - Piracy, tutorials, exploits etc.

Blind - Like Reddit but focused on careers, tech industry, finance etc.

WIRED-7 - Spanish anon community with a thematic around Serial Experiments Lain

Directories and archives - Kind of like the Web Archive (Wayback Machine), but less known.

Internet Archive - The biggest archive (i think), ranging from music to websites.

Screamer Wiki - Wiki of screamers and shock sites and related things

the-eye - Archive of random files

The Mod Archive - Big collection of music modules

WikiLeaks - Leaked documents


Future Timeline - A preview into the future


AIDN - Mostly vocaloid games from the creator of Nyan Cat

Nicky case - Educational games


Linux Distros Timeline - Source project

The World Religions Tree - Big file ahead

UNIX History Tree

Personal Websites

Arav's dwelling - Selfhosts some services

danuker - freedom and tech

Erikyyy - Has some crazy projects, including Tempest for Eliza

Foxwells Garden - Hosts some stuff for friends and family

Max Kreminski - Projects about artificial intelligence, computational creativity, games etc. - Randy Prozac's website - Website design, promotion, programming and revenue making

to oblique lair - Logs and projects from an electrical engineer

Richard Stallman's personal website - The founder of GNU


Better Explained - Intuitive lessons about math

Fodey - Newspaper clipping generator

Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You - Googles DuckDuckGo's that for you

Pixel Me - Transform a normal image into pixel art

txti - Create pure text-based webpages

sniper - Configuration file generator for DNS servers. Block ads, trackers and more at network level

Maps and Radio

Light pollution map

HF radio receivers map

RAMMB/CIRA SLIDER - Live weather sattelite viewer

WebSDR - Receivers of frequencies in various locations

Radio Garden - Radio stations from the world


Documenting Reality - Forum focused on gore and crime related scenes

eFukt - Porn humor

Run The Gauntlet - Very unsettling porn and death videos

Random or idk - Own the internet. Pending Domain Name sale.

TikTokMade.Site - A website created from TikTok comments