An exhaustive list of [not so] cool websites

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Advertising is a cancer on society

You block ads in your browser, why not in your city?

The HTML Hell Page - 99.9% of Neocities' websites

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

Counter-Anti-Disintermediation - Countering Web centralization with P2P


Wirechan - It's Lainchan without [almost] all the crap... and it's possible to read the entire imageboard in one sitting

WIRED-7 - It's Lainchan but spanish and based


Library Genesis - Paywalled books or book piracy

The Mod Archive - Big collection of music modules

Nicotine+ - Soulseek FOSS client. Found the Hollow Knight Wanderer's Journal here so it's good.

RuTracker - Torrent tracker with many Linux games

Screamer Wiki - Wiki of screamers and shock sites and related things

the-eye - Archive of random files. Worth checking out


DevLids - Gallery of dev lids

Future Timeline - Tries to preview the future

AIDN - Mostly vocaloid games from the creator of Nyan Cat

Nicky case - Nicky's educational games exploring some mind stuff. There's also some reads and watches it seems

ZYX - A very weird game for the iPhone. I think i found this from that wwwwwwwwww site

Simple Car Simulator - Car simulator with 4 types of cars, it's pretty heavy but fun

The Internet Portal - Takes you to a totally random website

Cool Graphs

Linux Distros Timeline - Source project

The World Religions Tree - Warning: Big image ahead

UNIX History Tree

Timeline of Web Browsers

TorFlow - Data flow in the Tor Network from 2008 to 2016

Personal Websites

Arav's dwelling - Selfhosts some services, file directory, radio, and the site is gorgeous.

Erikyyy - Has some crazy projects, including Tempest for Eliza. Definitely worth checking out

Foxwells Garden - I like the ASCII Art

Hundredrabbits - Cool low-tech stuff like Uxn. Member of

Sentimental Corporation - Randy Prozac's suuper weird videos - Website design, promotion, programming and revenue making


BitFontMaker2 - Online bitmap font editor and a gallery with lots of bitmap fonts

Browserling - Online cross-browser website testing, there's a 3-minute limit for each session but no queue - CollabVM and VNC Resolver

Dither it! - Image dithering tool

Lost All Hope - Suicide resources, methods, statistics, help, etc.

Fodey - Newspaper clipping generator

Furnace - Tracker that can play PC Speaker natively

Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You - Googles Ducks that for you

Pixel Me - Transform a normal image into pixel art

The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack - Massive list of fonts from old-school computers

txti - Create pure text-based webpages - Binbows 7 Activator to activate Binbows 7 for free

Notes on Music Theory

Maps / Radio stuff

Light pollution map

HF radio receivers map

RAMMB/CIRA SLIDER - Live weather sattelite viewer

WebSDR - Receivers of frequencies in various locations

Not Safe For Life (NSFL)

Documenting Reality - Forum focused on gore and crime related scenes

rotten - Used to be a big site it seems. Now it's dead, but well archived

eFukt - Adult humor (for adults)

Neovagina Disasters (a) - The worst

Run The Gauntlet - There's some different videos but not very active

MDPOPE Links - MDPOPE 1, 2 and 3.

WatchPeopleDie - Nice generic gore sub. The subreddit got banned in 2019, so they made their own reddit.

Miscellaneous - Zip bomb >:)

Cyborg Arts - Transhumanist artists


Some sites were taken from these files in the start of everything:

Big list of strange websites (wip)

Awesome sites #1