The youtube algorithm isn't broken, it's doing better than you think

I haven't seen anybody talk about this yet and given the opportunity that i'm updating this site i'll talk about it. Also because it feels much better saying whatever i want here than any other place, given the freedoms and privacy i have.

Anyway, these comments don't stop bothering me, and it was everywhere a while ago (those short ancient videos). Comments like "The algorithm has brought us again (2K likes)" or "Why did i get recommended this" (will add more examples when i find one). I suppose it's either new people or kids (or big kids :) ), cause i giggled at it first time too, kids will laugh at even the most stupid things and they are good at repeating what other people do.

Those old videos are less than a minute, more than 6 years old, and usually funny. The viewer is watching them and commenting and liking and saving in a playlist so the algorithm sees that and recommends exactly that, because good engagement.

So what makes people think that it's broken? My best guess is that they don't even question it anymore and just joke around, but i doubt there isn't at least one person who firmly believes that it's broken; there's also the case of people believing it blindly, because it's in fact very believable. i genuinely don't understand lol. Maybe the algorithm is actually broken after all