At first sight I was stunned, it never passed to my head that such thing would ever happen. And I'm a fool for thinking it had been sitting there for years, not checking the archives to find that it's been a mere 2 years, for some reason... (In my defense the site looked pretty oldish)

The most expensive Internet real estate in the world got bought by an e-mail something. That's laaame! Not to mention they're probably using the word 'PRIVACY' as a marketing strategy, no one in their sane mind would get a $35 million domain in exchange for minimum income. heh

It was fun times but everything comes to an end. Goodbye - the most expensive Internet real estate in the world, thanks for the laughs.

: It just got worse now supports Web 3.0: Tommorrow's Home of The INTERNET 3.0

Yeah. RIP, domain went to waste.