Hollow Knight is an allegory to fish

In Hollow Knight it is said multiple times about the void and ancient beings. The ancient beings worshipped the void but then the Radiance came and yeeted them from existence, so they had to remain defeated and forgotten under the new ruler of stuff, and then you know what happened next.

Now let's compare that to fish: fish are ancient beings since they've been around since basically everything, and gave ways to most living beings we know today, fish can only stay in water so they had no choice but to accept being forgotten after the takeover of land creatures, which lines perfectly with HK lore (even geographically!)

Now, if that is not enough to convince you that Team Cherry had drugs while writing the lore, here's undenyable proof:

In the birthplace cutscene it shows these sentences:

The first 2 sentences all line up with the lore. The knight has will and has mind, contrary to what everyone thought. (or more than what everyone thought it would have)

About the third and last sentences, I must addend the dream nail dialogue from the Abyss Shriek room: ...Our voices... will cry out... again....

Make your own conclusions, but I think TC is warning us about something. I'm kidding none of this makes sense. lol (or does it?)