Hollow Knight Mods

Some mods and utils that I couldn't (or it was insanely hard to) find on the web, or that i'm just archiving.

Mod Installers

Legacy (1.4): ModInstaller.exe

Current (1.5): Scarab

Both Legacy and Current search for mods in "Hollow Knight"/hollow_knight_Data/Managed/Mods/, except with a small difference: Legacy searches for dll files directly from the Mods folder, while the Current one searches in every folder inside the Mods folder, both without recursing.

Modded Radiances

Any Radiance

Download 1.4: Any_Radiance.dll

Download 1.5: Any1578.dll (needs Satchel to work properly)

It's between Ultimatum and Atomic. For what was supposed to be a joke, it's not so bad.

Dumb Radiance

Download: EAradiance.zip

I couldn't get this one to work

Atomic Radiance

Available in ModInstaller 1.4, just install Art Mods there.

Has a ton of RNG bullshit, you were warned.

Ultimatum Radiance

Available in ModInstaller 1.4, just install Ultimatum Radiance there.

A port for 1.5 is also available: Ultimatum Radiance 1.5

This radiance is very good; very fair and fun to play.

Nightmare Ultimatum Radiance

Download: Nightmare_Ultimatum_Radiance.dll

I don't remember being able to make this work either.

Custom Levels

There's a Googol Drive folder full of levels: Hollow Knight Custom Levels