Free storage - Free memory

You thought downloading RAM was a joke? Well now it's real, you can have over 100 gigas of memory, and it's for free!

Of course it's not free, everything has a price. You'll lose precious disk space and it's very crappy memory, but tell me what are you gonna do with all that free space?

I'm talking about Swap, the best thing to ever exist. That is unless you throw your money into a new computer with 64 GB of RAM, then it's useless.

Do you have a computer suffering with 2 GB of RAM in Binbows 10? Throw 8 GB of swap in it and now you have 10 GB RAM!Tho i dunno if binbows doesnt do this automagically Computer frozen after some program tries to open every file on your computer? There's no need to pull the plug, just put more swap than the amount of files in your computer !!!

Swap can also be used to free RAM for more important things, by swapping stuff that's not being used, like running a heavy program with 100 Firefox tabs open.

So don't let them fool you. Swap is revolutionary.