Ditching the Neocities IDE

I wanted for a good time to be able to ditch the shitty Neocities IDE + Firefox Dev Tools combination. There was no way to make the site work offline because it simply wouldn't work (i.e. absolute links point to system root). Searching on the Bing front-end (a.k.a. DuckDuckGo) also doesn't help, everyone is just spamming to install a bunch of useless stuff.[1][2] I mean come on, I just want a comfortable local environment to work on.

And eventually, I found the light: python -m http.server.

If you're on Linux then Python's probably already installed, just cd into the root of your local website and let the python -m http.server magic happen. And in a couple seconds you have a website that can be acessed in your whole LAN. It's also very fast and awesome, and it works like a website.

Plus, for uploading your changes, just use the Neocities CLI.

So now I can edit in the comfort of my Vim, and at my own time since changes are not stored in Firefox Dev Tools. I could also set up Git for version control.

Benefits over the Neocities IDE


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  2. A beginners guide to setting up a modern web development environment on Binbows 10 on Medium