Thoughts on the DuckDuckGo censorship chaos

This reddit post has some relation with lots of stuff i'm saying here, so i'm putting it at the top:

Lots of people are going full monke in this complaining that "it's censorship"... But i think there's a bigger problem in this search engine model, the backbones of search engines nowadays is flawed.

It can be easily exploited by bots using SEO and data voids.
That means, if DDG didn't do anything, bad actors will advantage from this by flooding the search results with their sensationalized propaganda.

So if people really want a "censorship free" search engine, we'd either have to ditch this model of search engines, or have a very crappy search engine because they wouldn't filter any of the bad stuff

I get it but I thought the point of DuckDuckGo was to present search results "as is". Not your role to play thought police

@yegg Replying to @GIMLIS0N0FGL0IN @DuckDuckGo
What exactly is "as is"? Search results aren't a completely random list of web sites. They are created based on a complex set of algorithms weighing 100s of factors.

-- From yegg's tweet

On the other side, if DDG starts down-ranking what they think is propaganda then it's another can of worms.
It contributes to create a filter bubble (the very thing they swore to destroy!) as now you have a literal MITM dictating what is correct or not based on their gut feelings; and it's a slippery slope into power tripping, they could call anything they don't like as 'propaganda' and throw it into 3rd page limbo.

Damn, I thought the point of search engines was just to search for websites.

In conclusion, the best way to really get the broader picture of political subjects is to go through multiple search engines and "use them carefully", as all of the mainstream ones seem to be one-sided into particular beliefs.

I don't know of any other search engines that are as private and censorship free and good as DDG is. Most of them have one thing but terribly lack in another so there's not really an option to switch, it's not worth changing unless DDG makes a huge fuck up.

Further reading: A look at search engines with their own indexes by Seirdy

Update 04 Jun 2022: I found Kagi, it's pretty good (I tested it). It's paid but very worth if you're THAT bothered with DuckDuckGo, or if you want less bot results. The owner looks like a very nice guy too: