Computer ignorance

We're surrounded by computers, but the majority of people still can barely use them.

People are less and less expected to understand how to operate computers, thus its software is more and more dependent on reforcing this mindset, otherwise it'll fall behind. Every generation that passes, people's expectations get higher and software becomes smarter.

Software targeted for average users is increasingly dumbed down, limited, bloated, fool-proof, etc. It will be increasingly hard for these users to operate a computer outside of this walled garden of smart software, and to understand and practice important subjects like digital security and good practices.

And yet, Linux[1] is still using [kinda] old concepts plus it's the very opposite of fool-proof,[2] and there's not much you can do about it. Most of the users - though not all - have some autonomy to fix their own errors, they know how to use a computer enough to be free of the babysitting that smart software gives, so there's little smart software in Linux. And you can't really fuck with these people like is happening with the normies.

Yeah, i wish more people would be autonomous like that, many modern world issues have computer ignorance rooted in them like scams, malware, inneficiency, data leaks, exploiting; some stuff is so dumb that it hurts me that people fall for them.

Welp, this issue will never end if we continue lowering the bar, people will just get conditioned to the lowered bar and become more stupid.

I found an interesting post, talking about the mastodon explosion, that kinda explains it better than me:

[...] I honestly entirely blame corporations that over the last 20 years have done everything to create walled gardens with the promise of "we do everything for you, if you have to think while using a computer that means it's bad"

sometimes things just require you to sit down for half an hour, read something, learn something, try something you're not used to. that's normal. that is simply how anything even remotely advanced has worked for the thousands of years. you don't pick up an electric drill and throw a tantrum because it doesn't work exactly like a screwdriver.


the fact that "websites are hosted by other computers called servers on the internet and are not a magical thing that exists" is not common knowledge anymore and is something that you have /convince/ people about just shows how bad it has gotten

best I can describe it is probably learned helplessness combined with anti-intellectualism [...]

-- From AgathaSorceress's toot in Mastodon

I think i got it now

Basically what I'm trying to say is, we have user experience and dev experience, so if we make every user be a dev like in Linux, there's no developer experience anymore, just user experience because every dev is also a user and every user is also a dev, so everyone becomes unified in interests and stuff, and we get cool TUIs for everyone! (or GUIs if you're weird)


  1. And the BSDs, Plan9, etc. You get it.
  2. We don't talk about Android or ChromeOS.